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Okay hi, I'm so sorry for not writing about my inability to talk properly and without being awkward and stuff but shit you I'm pissed and you can fucking kiss me if you're upset that i didn't blog about my anti-socialness but idgad you can even bite my ear, whatever, just tell me how juicy it is.
Click that link above. I'm sorry if this post is a little swear-y, but seriously if you're reading this blog how long have you know me to not know that I swear like a chao ahlian (just that I don't act like one. Shit you. Dun talk like one either, okaeexzxcs .?). Okay now go through all the pictures. I'm going to firstly comment about how xinmsn has just basically called all their outfits hot and shit when they're just basically normal office work clothes with no fashionistic appeal to them or anything (and I'm sorry but seriously that dude in picture 2 HAS HIS FUCKING SHIRT TUCKED ALL THE WAY IN, I MEAN NO OFFENSE LA I LOVE POLITICS I LOVE SG AND ITS GOVERNMENT PLUS ALL THE DIFFERENT POLITICAL GROUPS BUT XINMSN SRSLY 'FOR A SMART CASUAL AND POLISHED LOOK'. ARE YOU FOR REAL.), and out of all the outfits, how many have you noticed are not white? Maybe around only 4 out of 11 goddamn pictures, so tell me now.
'White isn't the most flattering shade on the colour spectrum.' 
Really bitch? Oh wait, Kingsley.
I don't have the gif where he says 'Really bitch?'. :/ And i can't go look for it cos Apple the ahlian changed my Tumblr acc password. :/
But that gif oso pretty much sums up my feelings.
Oh, of course white isn't the most flattering shade on the colour spectrum, especially when the politican in the previous page is also wearing white and you say that she is:
 Probably one of the better dressed female candidates around
 Excuse me? Okay maybe so I'm getting it wrong, but who cares this is what I think and I'm just a kid so excuse me if I don't make too much sense. Mad men make yet make no cents.
Okay end of rant. I just want to say that xinmsn has just lost all my respect when previously I still had a little bit for it because at least it could recognize Rui En and Cynthia Koh for their good fashion sense, but it lost alot more when they called all the 'auntie' fashion styles 'gorgeous' and shit.
Today I went to Smiggle with Cherry.
Oh wait, I should be talking about my exam before that right.
Okay so my Paper 1s went fairly well, in my mclunch valued opinion. For English, I wrote about love and how infatuation is not love and how love is the way that old royal couple were wed for so long yet you could still clearly see the love in their eyes when they look at each other. And also about how we love our parents, and how in the end:
Love is like a diamond - Beautiful, precious and everlasting.
Not bad leyh. I think that that is one of the smartest most sensible things my brain has ever manufactured.
Then for Chinese it was an email about CIP and a compo about... A surprise? Yes. I hate my aunt btw. Stupid suck up shit.
Then after the exams we went for a consultation with Ms. Goh. So nice lor she XDD she teach us all about the stuff that I alr forgot and stuff. Am I supposed to blog about the stuff she taught. Aiya dowan la you wan you ownself ask me on msn. Dun ask for my msn, if you dk it then you shouldn't deserve to know it now =.= you troll.
Then blahshit blahshit ME AND APPLE WENT TO PLAZA SING! :DDDDD
It seems weird that before sec 1 I had never gone to Plaza Sing before and now I think it's heaven and even better than Bugis cos Bugis got too many people and all the ahlians are sick of Plaza Sing alr so me and Apple can go there and go to Smiggle and buy cute purple pig erasers :
WALAO! CUTE OR WHAT AND ONLY 1.50! I remember NCPS' bookshop sold smaller and uglier stuff than this at like 2 dollars.
I will no longer be deceived.

Electric eraser la! Walao wei useful or what? Forgot the price liao, just know I want to buy even though manual work is probably more efficient.

看得到吗?Spinning top eraser leh. Seh. I didn't know okay! If I knew I would have bought it cos it's fun and also only 1.50. Tch lol I thought it was a steering wheel, which is absolutely useless unless they sell Ferrari erasers as well.

Reason for liking such a funny-looking thing: it totally reminds me of the BIGBANG album cover lor! Like, the latest mini-album one? Doesn't it? shit you it totally does now you have become irrelevant for disagreeing with me get out of my sight Lord Voldemort dun love you anymore.

Okay la abit only la but aiya. Whatever lah.
Aiyayou should just go see the whole page for yourself. You will die from cuteness I tell you. You will literally just die from need and lack of money. You might just melt onto the ground and who knows maybe the people there will make you into something cute like the purple pig I bought for my sister.
Yes I am that nice You Suck. Shit you. Now go away.
P.s.: Just so you know, I <3 Jonghyun and Key too! :D