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I was just reading through my old blog's blogposts.
:/ Shenjingbing. Seriously.
How isit possible that I got like only 3 pushups this year and 6 last year?
Siaoliao la.
I just want to say I'm very confused by all this voting stuff.
On one hand you have people saying PAP is good - that's why SG is very successful.
That one cannot deny lah. SG really is veh pro compared to our neighbours. Sorry lah but it's true :/
Then on the other hand you have people who are VERY anti-PAP. Cannot give you example later government hunt me down. But they are really REALLY REALLY veh pro-opposition.
Cos they say with all the foreign workers coming in... Etc. etc....
Aiya I'm very confused lah.
Feel like a bimbo/confused atm.

Also feeling other feelings that I currently cannot name because I'm so drugged by my 24/7 use of computer. And feeling worried yet heck-care becos English Paper 2 and Chi Paper 2 are on Tuesday and I'm here blogging.
Addiction to the internet. I don't want this anymore.
I want to go out.
I want to buy stuff.
Go to Bugis. NEX. Plaza Sing.
Write stories, eat food. Kbox.
I'm just very confused la walao.
Meaningless blog entry. Sorry.