Dilemma, dilemma.
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And guess what, after only 4 posts on this blog...
I'm already having second thoughts.
Should I switch to livejournal?
Wordpress is so hard non-user friendly theme-wise.
Exams are ending soon anyway, should I just ditch this and wait until I'm reunited with tumblr again?
How unmotivated.
:/ How. Somebdoy help.
Oh and about my anti-socialness.
Read. This is how I was like last year.
I'm afraid that it might come back again this year.
I don't want it to.
I'm not anti-social. I'm not. I'm not.
Hais. Short post.
I feel fat and flabby.
Trying to memorise the valency table too.
Five more days. IT'll be all over.
Why can't I stay on task even when death is approaching nearer and nearer?
Oh and PAP lost one GRC.
Quite slow on updating about politics here, but oh well.
아, 민끼야, can I has your body and voice and all?