Song - King of Anything by Sara Bareilles (YES I CAN SPELL HER NAME WITHOUT REFERENCE)
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Smiggle is now my second most favourite shop.
The first being, of course, comics con/blogshops/kpop selling shit/anime stuff selling places.
I'm sad to say temptation got the better of me and pushed me to the cashier with three $1.95 pens in my hand.
Stop judging me shit you! They're cute okay! And be happy  didn't but the maze calculator, which is like this $14.95 calculator with a maze and a small silver ball on the back.
Short short short post.
Ya, when I say short it really is short.
See end alr.
Kthxbai (tmr is science and lit, lit i haven't even memorised shit so. Shit)
Ohai diz is park bomz and our new song Lonely is coming out on 12th May you better like it or choi minzy will chop you downz.