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I really shouldn't be doing this.
Science was well... Relatively okay actually. Everyone was complaining. Of course, being afraid that I had once again gained too much confidence, I joined in and complained about how difficult the chemistry component of the paper was. Oh good lord.
So when I was younger, my creativity had literally no bounds. My imagination was a mess. But it was a hot mess. Okay just imagine this:
Look at any object beside you at the moment. Okay? Done? Let's say it's a clock. Now, I have to squeeze and throttle my brain before it provides me with an answer like "On this clock. Are fingerprints. That the killer didn't manage to wipe off." and shit like that, except OH LORD they were so much crazier than that. As usual, I tended to mix fantasy with reality, thus I could think that the black numbers were actually codes for a certain magical door to a mystical realm, but anyway. From just that clock. I could create a whole new murder case. I wonder if any of you have played the DS game Phoenix Wright. Well, when I was around 10, I could easily solve an entire case in my head when the game was only halfway in progress. It also helps that I had a very, almost unhealthy, suspicious mindset that caused me to quickly latch onto anything suspicious that anyone did. Most of the time I found out who the murderers were because of these suspicions.
Anyway. Would you believe me if I said that the greatestnerds in your class, the idiots who get like 90+ for every frikkin subject, are actually 'slower' than you? Obv not right, I mean (stereotype) THEY'RE NERDS HOW CAN THEY BE STUPID OMG THEY GET HIGHER THAN ME OF COURSE THEY'RE SMART.
I knew this for a long time. Just didn't have evidence.
I wasn't searching hard enough.
But before I show you. What I've found.
I just want to give you a tiny tiny fragment of a glimpse as to how crazy I was last time.
I found buttons suspicious. Like you know the kind to go up to a lift. In my mind, the button could be improved to a lot better to ensure a lot more security. Like, once you presss the button, it pops out. Then there will be a hollow thing in the middle of the button. You have to get the hollow part of the button filled without pushing it back into its original position. For this you would have to push down on the sides of the button. Even though it's a solid wall, the walls at that particular area would be 'moveable' and thus you would push around and fill the gap with your fingers. Then, only then, you would be able to get to your destination.
There. See. And last time I was a lot sharper too. Can't give examples. I've forgotten most of my childhood (shit the PSLE)
That is all
LOL I took this picture last year. It looks kinda nice though. :/