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As everyone here knows, Choi Minzy is a wonderful procrastinator.
If Choi Minzy had a dollar or more for everytime she procrastinates, why, she would be a freaking zillionaire with Key and TOP and Bruno Mars to choose from her never-ending list of suitors.
I don't think zillionaire is a real word though, I just put z cos z is like the last alphabet and is way later than m so I think its value in a word would increase a lot more?
I'm making no sense again.
No sense, nonsense.
Hm ho hum.
I am very tired. NEomu piganehyo.
I shall let shit flow from my infertile mind (very infertile at the moment, having burned off everything while designing clothes yesterday. I didn't even draw much, just a few cat human chibi thingies and two outfits abut then my brain burned out all the same so. Woooooah thinking what the hell.).
Yesterday I was tumblring. Looking for notebooks. I didn't think anyone besides me in well the world (me and a few other weirdos la) would like notebooks. Like, idk, they hold so much like potential and stuff like. You know? Even though I cannot draw, it just excites me like CAN YOU IMAGINE IF YOU COULD DRAW ALL THE POSSIBILITIES OF FILLING THAT NOTEBOOK LIKE ALL THE PRETTY DESIGNS AND PEEKTURES AND SHIT AND YAAAAAAAA but anyway. As I consider myself to be an okay writer. Notebooks are quite okay. But if my handwriting were nicer. And my procrastination weren't so strong. I would probably. Have filled all my notebooks.
Okay and now. I shall stop.
Because I feel antisocial again and stuff.
And cos I'm getting lazy.
Therefore, annyeong.
oh the joy.