Bruno Mars facts
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Bruno Mars.
Bruno was a nickname his parents gave him cos as a young child he was kinda chubby and at that time there was a pretty uhh well-built wrestler called Bruno as well so. Yeah. :D
Mars is cos some girls he used to date (something like that la :D) used to say that he was out of this world. :D
Real name : Peter Gene Bayot Hernandez.
But people rarely ever call him that.
(JSYK, you people can now call me Choi Bayot Minzy. Yes. Ho, I should explain that later.)
His mother is from the Philippines, and his father is from Puerto Rico.
Mother is called Bernadette, and father is called Peter.
However, despite the, uhh, very different backgrounds that his mother and father have, Bruno was born in neither the Philippines or Puerto Rico.
He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Or isit Hawaii, Honolulu.
I think it's the former.
Uh anyway.
Honolulu is a nice word.
He was born on the 8th of October, 1985.
Making him 25 as of January 1st 2011. Making the age gap between us... 11 years as of today.
... Eleven years.

Ehhh, anyway.
He has 5 other siblings.
4 sisters, 1 brother.
Come to think of it, I don't really know much about his siblings. Hmm.
I only remember ummm... Eric (cos he was featured in the fanfic I was reading, haaaaa)... Then no more. LOL XDD
Eh should I google them
I think I should.
Sisters - Clara, Tahiti, Presley, Jaime.
Ooo. Tahiti. Okay that sounded mean. But Tahiti sounds nice. D: Sorry! (If you ever read this. which I doubt you will. But if you are reading this, ohohoho... :D)
I feel like a stalker.
Am I?
I don't think so.
I'm gonna start spitting out random stuff I know about him cos I oso not sure which facts go in what order so. :D
He wears hats all the time because last time he had a huge afro in, I think, his teenage years, but then he chopped it off and he felt, um, 'naked' so he put a hat on his head and. Tada. HE says he has a lot of hats at home. o.o
... I don't find it appropriate to write out what I'm thinking of at the moment.
Okay anyway.
He writes all his hit songs. Without thinking much. Or at least, that's how I see it from his interviews. He says it just 'comes to him'.
Imagine. D: Imagine having the song 'Fuck you' just pop into your head like that. D: wtf.
There was one time when he was completely broke. And he had to sell, like, everything he owned. Instruments and all.
There was once he was in London and everything there was in pounds (and pounds cost damn alot can D< I would know cos everything there is, like, okay 15 dollars there is 30 bucks here. What the.) and he was staying in this really posh hotel where orange juice cost like 13 dollars (I'm not even sure if it was pounds or USD, but 13 bucks for orange juice is still unreasonable) and they only had like 240+ pounds on them.
If we just had money, this wouldn't be a problem.
He said something like that anyway. So now you know where Billionaire came from.
He likes to joke about being arrogant and stuff.
But he's not okay. He's not. :D He's humble hoho.
Not like a certain someone I'd care to mention.
 He likes doo-wop (AND EVERYTIME I REMEMBER THAT I'M DAMN PROUD BECAUSE I LIKED DOO-WOP BEFORE I EVEN KNEW HE LIKED DOO-WOP WHICH PROVES WE HAVE QUITE A HIGH CHANCE OF BEING SOULMATES AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Eh nah lah just joking, but doo-wop is nice so <3), and he considers himself to be... Uhh, quite a hooligan (young'uns and shizz lidat), thus Doo-wops and Hooligans.
.. In primary school they used to call me hooligan because of how it rhymed with my name. And cos of how violent I was. 8) Yay.
He isn't attention-seeking. At least, I deduced that from how he refused to give out information about his private/romantic/any other word that has the same meaning life. 8D
He smokes and he drinks.
*le sigh. D: Oh Bruno, why you gotta be like that T.T
But that's what make your voice so sex, haaaaaaaaaaaa.
... I shouldn't be thinking of things like that. OH WELL.
Hm. D: Izzat all. D: I can't remember anymore. Argh.
He likes carrots. o.o And all of a sudden I do too.
He was an Elvis impersonator when he was about 4. And was featured in a movie as Little Elvis when he was 5 XDD.
Actually I dun think that's the correct picture. But can see the Elvis suit, that's all that matters lah.
And he can impersonate Michael Jackson quite well 8D
He likes to sing in falsetto (which is why people call him soft asdfghjkl HE IS NOT YOU SHIZZ THAT'S CALLED BEING TALENTED. If you tried falsetto you'd sound like that certain someone I wouldn't care to mention before puberty D< so quiet).
He wrote a number of hits. Wrote and co-wrote.
I onyl remember a few eh.
Waving Flag - K'naan
Right Round - Flo Rida
Too sexy - Sugababes
Fuck You/Forget you - CeeLo Green
Hoho. His bestfriend is Phillip Lawrence.
He is part of a hit-writing team called The Smeezingtons.
I think that's all.
This is a long enough post anyway.
I think I shall explain the Choi Bayot Minzy/Real name thingy some other time.
Okay. Bye :D
*imagines his baby voice saying that* /melts