Stuff I want.
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Okay so just now I was going through Bruno Mars online store (cos I signed up to be a member on his website, and am currently contemplating begging my mom to let me be a hooligan though not in a million years would Bruno Mars ever come to Singapore because. I also dk why but just because it seems unlikely he would. Oh wait but he went to KL before. Hm. Ah, I don't think my mom would agree anyway, but BUT D: IT SAYS THEY'LL GIVE YOU A TEESHIRT, SOMETHING, AND A SPECIAL GIFT FROM BRUNO. D:)
So I found a lot of stuff I want. From his store and Lady Gaga's store. More from Gaga's store.
(I tried searching for Britney's online store and Nicki Minaj's online store BUT BRITNEY DIDN'T HAVE A STORE AND NICKI MINAJ'S WEBSITE WAS TOO UNFAMILIAR TO ME THAT I JUST LEFT IT.)
Okay so anyway.
I have found. Alot of things that I want but can never have.
idk this looks cool-ish. I like it.

doo-wops. Reminds me of Lauryn Hill.
I like Lauryn Hill.

Just cos it's bruno and cos it's grenade.

I remember in pri school they used to call me hooligan.
haha whatever, I just like the word hooligan.

It has that vintage feel to it. I likey <3

It looks vintagey as well. Like. idk, it's just nice.

Dammit it's a polaroid tee. It's cool.

Because Bruno was wearing it and like making stupid faces in it.
And cos the concept of a shirt blanket is cool <3

I like.

Okay so this isn't from Bruno or Gaga's online store. It's actually from Kate Spade. But well I find the design nice. You do know I'm a blackjack, right?

I find that she looks nice and sort of classy in this.

I don't... Okay I don't really want this. I shall delete it from my folder of wants.

Quite nice la.

Lol what it's nice. Hipster.

Glasses. Lipstick. Font.

Oh I just find this simplistic and artistic. Sort of classy. I like.

I only like this because she's wearing her LED sunglasses here, and the first time I saw her wear those LED sunglasses was the first time I saw her perform poker face live. It was awesome. The LED sunglasses were totally awesome. Other than that, this one the photo quality not very good la so. Yea.

Very oriental-looking, imo. I like :D <3

Idk I find teh swimsuit interesting.

I like.

It looks pretty cool, but if the shirt wasn't white it'd probably look nicer. IDK I have this sudden thought that everything that is a printed tee that has a design like the above and is against a white background looks very Bugis, which sometimes works but most of the time does not work. Meh. Perhaps if the background were grey?

It has that... Well-worn look. I think. I'm not sure, but I like it. Especially cos it has lyrics from Speechless, which was a song she wrote for her father who was very ill or something at the moment that time. So sweet <3

This photo of her looks cool.

IDK. It reminds me of harry potter :(

I am in netball, you know.

The design is nice o:

And that concludes this post.