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Lazy to blog but i shall just update.
I caught a disease recently.
IT's getting better, but like two days ago it was damn bad. Like I was totally. Like sick until almost no hope lidat, you know?
But today it got better but I didn't want it to go away. So soon. Like for goodness' sake the illness didn't even last like 3 days wts what crap illness is that. Hurr so anyway.
I have Mars Sars. That was lame. But really! Idk why I'm suddenly super obsessed with Bruno Mars, hurr.
But I cannot find any interviews or whatever of him. Hurr, tumblr is a beautiful place, hurr.


Ehehehe... I only just realised ^ and  v photo are the same. Hehehe. Err...

idk reminds me of g-dragon D:
Oh yeah makes sense


Hurr I like.

Nor! Do you see my favourite quote? :D 
When a man can make falsetto sound right, it resonates, especially with women.
Actually hor. He smart anot. Write all the lovey dovey mushy songs for girls. Especially when girls will be like the hardcorest fans and go crazy and buy all your stuff. Something lidat la. Then some more his voice damn sex, so like. Even more love for him la.
If a girl wrote songs about being lovey dovey to her bf. No offense, but. I think if she got famous it'd be like just an overnight sensation. Cos, well, no offense to anyone la but... American Idol hor. Why did Scotty win? :/ Hurr anyway.

I don't know la. I find that when he was young he sort of looked like MJ. :/ Now he even sounds a bit like MJ. Hurrrr.

He. :)

Reminds me of Off The Wall lor. Really.
Tell you already.

Idk I just like this. Tsk. PEople say I have bad taste but. D: HE'S CUTE HERE WHAT. Idk la I like his eyes. :>

He looks weird here.
Hm. Anyway.
His talent. Okay everyone says that so now that I say it is quite cliché/stereotypical I think. Meh. But it's true okay. Dammit, it's true D:
And his voice damn sex. Hurrrr :D
Contemplating whether I should change my name to Bruno Venus. Or just keep two names. Choi Minzy/Bruno Venus. I think I should. Hurr okay :D
CM/BV now takes my leave.
Hurr so nice <3