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Hi guys.
A random Indonesian girl just added Cherry and me.
She's quite friendly.
Hm. Penpal :D
I just blogged to update about a few things:
I gacha-ed, got an underavg pink cape, got scammed by 2mil. Whatever it's only 2 mil, it's only a game, I really don't care, that guy just got lucky lor. Anything lah.
I am freaking not a steplian.
I think I already rant about this earlier. So I lazy rant again. Anything lah, that bitch herself is alr fucking rude and lian and bitchy so anything la. Heck. Maybe she can sympathise with me abit, but whatever lah. I know I don't act like one can liao.
Bruno Mars. I don't know why but I am suddenly so infatuated with him.
<3 To the point where I've been listening to all his songs non-stop since ytd to today. Non-stop dun include sleep time and etc lah but uknow what I mean.
I think I know why liao. I like guys who have high-pitched or gravelly voices I think. Like MJ and his falsetto. And G-D oso. Bruno Mars oso <3
See ah this was what Bruno said in some Rolling Stone thingo:
When a man can make falsetto sound right, it resonates, especially with women.
<3 How does he know so much.
Ah. GTG do my work already. Annyeong ^^
Aaaaah SQUISH SQUISHHH. I wanna squish his cheeks! >< Ho anyway. I wnat to meet yet not meet him cos I think I'd be so damn happy if I met him but so awkward if we met. Bleh. Dammit stupid SAD.