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It has been three days.
I have done nothing productive. Nothing. Nothing at all.
Hurr so I went out with HF like on Saturday.
Kbox is a beautiful place. I need a vocal coach. No, I want one. D:
Is you guessing thy's ambition nao?
So um anyway.
I want to show off how beautiful tumblr is.

^  stop judging me I only saved this cos I was like what the effff....

^Just so you guys know... That isn't the real Prince Harry orz I always thought it really was him until I found out it was some advertisement for like some mobile phone thingo. Alamak.

^Stop judging me.

Okay judge me alamak what is a ma boy gif doing in my tumblr folder D:



Hurr hurr that's all.
Annyeong babos. :D
You understand now? Tumblr is a beautiful place <3