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So I was looking at this app. And.
in my past life:
You were born in North Eastern India in the mid 1600s. Your mother was a manipuri dancer and your father was a drunk. Although you loved to watch your mother perform, your father insisted that you stay at home to cook and clean. You defied your father on several occasions and followed your mother to rehearsals and performances. There you mimicked the dancing and singing you observed. This made you very happy despite the beatings you received on your return home. Your mother continued to secretly teach you the art of manipuri dancing and by the age of 16 you were ready for your first performance. The night of the performance you managed to sneak out of the home without your father's knowledge however you later realized you'd forgotten your koktombi (cap) and had to go back. You were caught by your father and beaten to death in a blind drunken rage. You never performed the dance you worked so hard to perfect. This may explain your secret passion for dancing.
This may explain your secret passion for dancing.
i know right.
okay bye.