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World of bad luck.
Fell sick last friday.
Gave out roses on Saturday and sunday.It was fun and I ate Ajisen on both days.
Went to school on Monday. Couldn't concentrate at all.
Went for netball but didn't train.
Netball ended went to doctor's and had fever 38.3 and went home to eat medicine and rest.
Slept through the whole of the next day, waking up sometimes to drink water and stuff.
Played taptap before sleeping yesterday night. Proud of myself cos I got 1 mil even though I'm sick and woozy.
Woke up today.
Did nothing exceptional except sleep cos I was frustrated cos I was too woozy to play Taptap properly.
I want to play the sims.
Okay anyway.
And am blogging now because.
Apparently... *takes a deep breath.
Bruno Mars cheated on his girlfriend ._.
How can someone like that still write songs like Grenade and shizz and still .__.
this wooziness is making it hard to write.
that was all i wanted to write anyway.
This is why I broke off from american pop in the first place. Cos there is hypocrisy/weirdness like this.
And whereas in kpop there is stuff like this.