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Cannot decide if offices at Google or Pixar is nicer.
Because google offices have a slide ffs and these little oval shaped places where you do your work in. But the design (wallpaper, etc.) is not reallly veh appealing to me.
Whereas pixar is like. Have this little hut where each person works in. Kind of like those Wendy houses little kids have then they pretend they live in them and shizz like that. No wonder pixar movies are creative.
It's not like I'm ever going to work in the digital industry (I'm not sure if that's the real term for it, but you get what I mean) la but is just. IMAGINE IF I GREW UP AND WORKED IN ONE OF THOSE PLACES.
Happiness overload <3
Sorry I didnt' include any links or whatever in this post, but y'all can go search up yourself if you want.
no caption to go with this. Um. I like kimchi. Just saying.