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Boredom and my desire to write/sing/design shizz that I'd be too embarrassed to ever show anyone often go hand in hand.
I'm sick now and I forgot all the good fashion sites I usually go to to ogle at nice clothes. I just took my medicine, ate down some Mcdonald's chicken mcgrill and then my stomach began kicking up a fuss. My fever is now at 38.3 degrees celsius. And I am studying science becos idk science is awesome, ja. Except that I don't really like phsyics that much cos it's basically like maths but with some creativity thrown in.
Practicality and creativity don't go well together.

Gaga is currently in SG. I think she posted some photos of her in some random shopping mall here on her tumblr, but I'm not sure if it is SG or Taiwan. Either way the very thought that she even dresses crazily here is kinda, well, amazing to me *_* oh my darling gaga. So bold. What will the aunties on stomp say.
Hm. I want to learn piano. Cos recently, okay not recently, since my premature birth I have loved songs which have piano instrumentals in them. IDK why but it. Songs which are sorta like the kind Sara Bareilles and Lady Gaga (acapella vers of poker face and paparazzi I think except I cannot find it all of a sudden :( Aaah well) sing. Are very nice. I prefer them so much more to the like non-piano version.
The piano is a beautiful instrument and one day I will learn how to play it and write/compose a song. Or at least try. Not because I think I'll write a very nice song, but well at least try.

Hais. Recently I've been very emo and upset and angry and stupid shit like that. Overthinking and other stupid things like that get in the way sometimes. Like now.
And the worst thing is that it's affecting my attitude towards my friends. I'm becoming more hostile, less friendly, more prone to bouts of irritation and anger.
I don't want this. I love my friends. I mean, not to sound like an egoistical freak who thinks that the world loves me or shit like that, but they noticed my change of attitude today and asked if I was okay and tried to cheer me up. In my entire life nobody has ever done that. Maybe cos in primary school they didn't know what to do/didn't really care/I just wasn't popular enough to redeem a care coupon from them so nobody really cared if I was upset or not.
That is excluding Huifang and Jiamin and Sarah and Valerie of course. But even then, some of them... :/
Today and a few other days this and last year. HAve been one of the first times anyone has ever shown concern for me. Excluding my family members la, I mean. In p6 and sec 1 and sometimes even this year, my father always told me that there were no such things as friends, and I believed him cos there was rarely proof of real friendship in my circle of 'friends'. Uh. This is excluding HF JM S and V of course, again.
Then this year like. Nobody judged me. This and last year. I mean a few people did, but the rest didn't really care what I looked like or whatever. For once people actually judged by my personality. And that was a ver pleasant change cos I was getting sick (to the point of depression. Actually no the depression was also, well, other things contributed to it as well) of people looking me up and down since I was P3/4 until P6 and judging me. I had one junior in basketball who did that to me. Fuck you bitch ^^
See in p3/4 I was quite fat. Thus I was an outcast in basketball, I think, because I was fat and liked to read books. I changed in P5/P6 la, to become a fail lian who ended up depressed and shit.
I just realised I didn't have a very happy social life in pri school.
Okay anyway. So basically they judged by looks. Hardcore judging.
But now in secondary school. Nope, zilch, nada. Everyone is nice. I remember being so irritated with Crescent on my first day of school. Cos like, everyone was so friendly and cheerful and I thought it was all fake so I got really pissed at everyone for being fake, but now of course I know that it's all genuine in a sense la so.
Omg I think I just drifted way off topic. Okay to sum it up, I love all my friends. Yep :)

- Is accepting requests for me to write. Because I don't have my phone now I cannot write, and I don't want to write on iPhone anyway. Bloody hard to type wtf. So ya is accept requests to write anything.

Thus this post ends. Makes up for the past lacklustre posts, ja? Not saying this one very good la, but is lengthier and I hope y'all didn't die halfway through this post from boredom.
Some stupid photo I photoshopped long ago, haaaa.
Oh and I found the paparazzi acapella version. Here. I told you it was nice ^^ Actually gaga is very talented, and if you didn't know that before you have no life. Haaaa jk but really.