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Lately, ever since I recovered from my sickness, I've been feeling damn lazy.
Like I'm not even bothered to do my homework and all that now. Just one glance and then I feel damn tired and irritated. Cos I just dowanna do.
Oh and here's proof horoscopey stuff are true. I checked my friend's horoscope like a few days ago and it said someone would confess to her. Wah gang gang hao that day someone really confess to her LOL.
Anyway. This post is just to. Rant.
As a Pisces, it says that I am a creative individual. This is semi-accurate lah. And my horoscope for today says that my creativity wants to make itself known today. Like online and all that. Like posting a cover and all that.
Idk leh. Should I.
Hm. I like British music. Adele's songs are nice <3 Chasing Pavements huhu. Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing pavements, even if it leads nowhere?
Rolling in the Deep is nice too.
Those are my two favourite songs from her.

Oh and.
Maybe if you keep up your new cool snobby attitude,
I just might let this new found you shine through,
but just note,
this renewal of you will be
without our friendship too,
cos I have done quite abit,
and you have done abit lesser than nothing
So now the flame is burning blue -
Will you return the favours
That I have done for you?

I like her hair