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I don't really know what to blog leh. LOL.
Ehh. Ian Fang is suuuuper cute.
You know that time I tweeted him and he replied 8D
Then another time I tweeted him and he also replied 8D
So in total he tweet me two times.
And you know it's a big deal cos 8D SHUAI GE EH. SHUAI GE TWEET ME TWICE EH 8D
Hoho I asked him what he would think if I wrote a yaoi fanfic about him and Edwin Goh.
You stopjudging me okay i'm bi dealwithit.
He say paiseh ah whats yaoi sorry i abit sua gu HAHA.
Imagine if he read my reply. And found out about it beign gay.
No more replies for me 8D
I shall end.